Women’s History Month 2023

In honor and recognition of Women’s History Month, we are proud to celebrate the fabulous women of GSH Group! Not just in March, but each and every day, they make an immediate, essential, and tangible impact on the success of GSH.

Please join us in a heartfelt Thank You to all the ladies of GSH who keep us moving forward!

UK Site Visits with Joel and His Team

GSH’s Joël CAUBET was on the road as he visited some of our sites for a leading automotive manufacturer in the United Kingdom. For the first stop on his journey in Ellesmere Port, Joel and the team walked the grounds while discussing the key components to the continued success at the facility they manage.

Wherever they were, you couldn’t miss seeing them in the brightly colored PPE – Looking good guys!

Going Green for St. Patrick’s Day and the Enviornment

For St. Patrick’s Day, GSH Group is going green – in fact, we’re already there! In December of 2022, GSH announced the achievement of Carbon Neutrality in our companywide operations.

To learn more about how GSH is staying true to the green theme and stepping it up for the environment!

New Fleet of Commercial Vehicles in the UK

The global automotive industry continues to experience long delays with vehicle production due to a worldwide shortage of microprocessors combined with a demand outstripping supply. After over a year since we first ordered our new fleet of commercial vehicles in the United Kingdom, we are delighted to announce that the first of the fleet have finally arrived!

The investment consolidates our brand in the United Kingdom and significantly reduces our carbon footprint, further supporting our position of Carbon Neutrality

Look out for our teams on the road and give us a wave!

Equipment Performance and Reliability the GSH Way

Marc Paton, our Chief Engineer, and our GSH Team in California worked hard to remove existing rust and paint the air handlers and chiller beams on the roof of the building they work in. Besides giving this unit a whole new clean look, rust that is left unchecked can lead to pitting and structural damage and could potentially impact the performance and reliability of the equipment.

An excellent job Marc and team, service excellence at its finest!

A Conversation with a BOMA 2023 President

The 2023 year is well underway and GSH’s Thor Emblem continues his success as the BOMA San Diego Chapter President! Between the launching of new committees and activities being held by the Chapter, Thor and his BOMA leadership team continue to strive and grow the chapter’s presence in the property management industry. To read up on all the latest success and news that has gone on, check out the latest edition of “A Conversation with the President”!

To learn more about what GSH’s engineers can do for your facilities, visit our website.

Class is in Session with Professor Berger

GSH’s Robert Berger Jr. took to the floor and spent the day teaching a group of rising property professionals the ins and outs of Building Operations through the BOMA Foundations of Real Estate course.

A great class with an experienced teacher, the future of the industry and Building Owners & Managers Association (BOMA) of Philadelphia is looking bright!

Welcome to the Team Monika!

GSH Group is pleased to welcome Monika Smutko to the team! Monika is joining us in southern California and helping to bridge the gap between the Los Angeles and San Diego regions. She has an extensive background in facilities management and commercial real estate with other leading companies.

She will be working closely with our existing resources in the region, Thor Emblem and Reginald Denson, to further develop our operations in the southern California market. Welcome to the GSH team, Monika!

2023 National Science Day in India

GSH Group celebrates National Science Day in India, the 28th of February was the discovery of what became known as the ‘Raman Effect’ by Indian physicist, Sir. C.V. Raman. In short, the Raman Effect, or Raman Scattering, is the process by which there is both an exchange of energy and a change in the light’s direction through the scattering of photons by matter. For his discovery of this phenomenon, C.V. Raman was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1930.

We remember C.V. Raman and all those in the field of science this day as they have helped paved the way to the world of science we know today.

GSH Celebrates 2023 National Engineer’s Week

GSH Group celebrates National Engineer’s Week as we recognize and celebrate engineers and tradesmen around the world for their contributions to society and our daily lives. From transportation hubs to the roadways we travel on, and the buildings we live and work in, engineering is all around us, all the time. So many of us traverse our daily lives without considering just how important of a role engineers play in pushing the planet forward. For this, we say ‘Thank You!’ to the men and women in engineering working around the clock, and around the world, to make life happen!

To learn more about what GSH’s engineers can do for your facilities, visit our website.

GSH Celebrates 128 Years of Service Excellence

This Valentine’s Day, we at GSH Group are proud to celebrate our 128-year relationship – with service excellence! From coast to coast and overseas, we’re committed to spreading the love and providing top tier facilities management services everywhere we operate!

To learn more about the love that GSH can show your facilities, visit our website and Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

GSH’s Joe Annino Attends BOMA Luncheon

GSH’s Joe Annino, attended the Bid BOMA: BOMA Marathon luncheon at the Rosewood Commons Conference Center, hosted by BOMA Oakland/East Bay. It was a gathering of colleagues, property managers and vendors who engaged in an interactive roundtable discussion sharing thoughts and perspectives on the bidding process and learning the value of how BOMA relationships can enhance the overall experience.

Looking good Joe, we look forward to taking what you’ve learned and putting it into action!