BOMA 2022 International Conference & Expo in Nashville

Good times to be had in The Music City! The BOMA 2022 International Conference & Expo in Nashville, Tennessee has officially begun. Come stop by booth #429 and grab yourself a cowboy hat for a night on Broadway!

We’ll see you in a short while!

Women’s Engineering Day 2022

In celebration of Women in Engineering Day 2022, GSH Group would like to welcome one of our newest engineers, Megan Leone who started with us earlier this month as Chief Engineer at one of our client sites in Philadelphia.

An accomplished engineer, Megan is representative of an industry shift towards more opportunities for women in engineering. Thanks for all your hard work Megan, keep it up!!

GSH Ever-Expanding Fleet

Introducing GSH Group’s new TOY-ota trucks! We recently added a couple of new sets of wheels to the road and our ever-expanding fleet! From 24/7 Operations & Maintenance to all your Facilities Management needs, we’ve got you covered.

Safe travels and see you out on the road!

2022 European Motorbike Ride

Two friends, two motorbikes, and about 2,000 miles riding across Europe! Mark Pawson and Guy Busfield of GSH’s recently acquired Team-Q hit the road and embarked on a long overdue motorcycle trip throughout the scenic landscapes of Europe.

Honing their skills as experienced riders, they trekked through France, Switzerland, Austria, and Germany as well as the challenging terrain of the Italian Alps. Ride on and stay safe, Wild Hogs!

A California Country Night

A night of country along the California Coast! GSH’s Joe Annino and Lakeisha Holmes attended the BOMA Hoedown Block Party at Levi’s Plaza in San Francisco. Hosted by the BOMA San Francisco chapter, the event yielded a great turnout of familiar faces as everyone enjoyed the live band and music, some line dancing, and even a spot to watch the National Basketball Association (NBA) Finals as the Golden State Warriors took home the championship!

Getting into the spirit of the night, they even dressed the part in their cowboy boots and western attire.

Maximo Training Session

Training and process improvement are perennially at the heart of what we do! To kick off the month of June, GSH’s Paul Weiss III and his team of technicians supporting NYC’s public housing, came together for a Maximo training session. The Team took a deeper dive into the CMMS platform and our custom, in-house-developed mobile application that allows our technicians to interface with IBM’s software remotely via smartphones and tablets.

Our utilization of technology, strong focus on training, and continuous process improvement are just some of the differentiating factors that make us a class-leading facilities management company. To learn more, please contact us today!

GSH Engineers Assist Local San Francisco Fire Department

Sometimes the role of a building engineer extends beyond its walls and goes outside of the facility. Last week, GSH Engineers in San Francisco sprang into action to assist the local fire department after a five-acre brush fire broke out behind their building. 

Our reliable team helped the South San Francisco and Cal Fire crews access and connect their fire hoses to the building valves in the parking lot and garage. They also helped by providing fire crews access to the back of the property so bulldozers and other emergency equipment could reach the fire and contain the blaze.

Stick with the team that’s always on!