GSH Remembers D-Day

As the dawn of June 6th, 1944 approached the coastlines of France, the tide was on the verge of turning for the Allied Forces in their pursuit of winning World War II. Some 76 years later, the world still remembers the day of the largest seaborne invasion in history, and all those who fought on the beaches. We at GSH are thankful and proud of all the troops, including the many Combat Engineers who made history on that momentous day.

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Facilities Management: Working From Home

Facilities Management: Working From Home

Working from home can pose many challenges to Facilities Managers, but for those who can leverage the power of Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS), like IBM’s Maximo platform it doesn’t matter where you are working from: boiler room, board room, roadside or bedside.

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Facilities Management: How to Reduce Plastic Waste in the Workplace

Plastic provides many benefits: cheap and easy to manufacture, lightweight and durable.  Unfortunately, these resilient properties mean that it is nearly impossible for it to breakdown naturally.  Sustainable waste management is an important aspect of Facilities Management, and minimizing plastic waste is a key objective for GSH and our clients. Continue reading to learn more…

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GSH Academy Update: An Interview with Armando Peraza


The GSH Academy will be entering it’s 3rd year with classes beginning in August 2019.  Overall, the Academy has been a tremendous success allowing our students to gain advanced skills and industry knowledge.  Also, our students are building a network of instructors, fellow students, and coworkers that will be able to support them for their career.  We have already seen our students take on higher level work, and we anticipate that their growth and the expansion of the program will help to solve the industry problem of the aging work force.

Joe Annino, Regional Engineering Manager, had the opportunity to sit down with our Academy student, Armando Peraza, in his engineering office at 4000 Shoreline to talk about time with GSH and our Academy.
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