SDBEA Annual Awards Dinner

GSH Group team members gathered at the San Diego Building Engineers Association annual meeting and awards dinner. Among them were George Toole (Chief Engineer), Thor Emblem (Regional Director), Monika Smutko (Engineering Manager), Adam Zuckerman (Facility Manager), and Todd Nabors (Building Engineer). The event, themed as a beach party, featured fun activities like a surfing simulator, which Adam Zuckerman, one of GSH’s newest employees, tried out. It also featured a trade show and awards dinner.

During the event, GSH received recognition for its ongoing sponsorship of the organization. Additionally, Thor Emblem concluded his tenure on the executive board after serving for over a decade in various roles, including chair of various committees, member at large, treasurer, vice president, president, and past president. Reflecting on his time, Thor remarked, “It’s bittersweet to end my service to the SDBEA, but it’s time to let the next generation of leaders take the helm.”

Monika Smutko was elected from the advisory board to the executive board, which was unanimously supported by her peers. She expressed gratitude for their backing and looks forward to following in Thor’s footsteps on the path of leadership.

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New Wheels In France

Who doesn’t love new wheels?? The new vans have been delivered to our GSH Group teams in France, and they are ready for our FM ad-VAN-tures! Looking sharp and coming to streets near you, keep your eyes out for us and follow us to service excellence! 

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Apprenticeship Over…Now What?

What happens when your Apprentice absolutely loves the company he interns with? He goes onto great things and stays for the next twenty-five years becoming the Chief Operating Officer of the company. Such is the case of Steve Wallis, whose career has taken him from Manchester, England all the way to the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area. Undoubtedly, Steve’s is a rare case in this modern age of job-hopping, but it also speaks to how much our employees love working at GSH, and the inherent, life-changing power of Apprenticeships.

Another great apprentice story to highlight during this year’s National Apprenticeship Week is GSH’s Daniel Lovegrove, who joined us in September of 2022 after sending out emails to companies inquiring if they would take him on as an Apprentice. GSH stepped it up for Daniel and welcomed him into our organization. Throughout his Apprenticeship, Daniel has learned hands-on skills in the trades and made many new connections along the way. We wish him well as he continues his journey with GSH in the FM industry! Read Daniel’s story here.

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