2022 National Take Your Kids To Work Day

National “Take Your Kids to Work Day,” GSH Group’s Brian Matusiak, did exactly that at one of our Northeast rail transportation clients! Brian and his daughter spent the day riding the rails as they checked in on the transit stations that GSH maintains.

Nothing like getting to spend time with family while showing them all the ins and outs of your job!

Brian is just one of the many assets at GSH that make things run smoothly and efficiently. Be sure you choose the team that is “Always On”, choose GSH!

India Achieves 41001 ISO Certification

ISO certifications are instrumental to GSH’s success in providing premium Facilities Management services, maintaining a consistent level of service delivery, and achieving the highest possible standards in engineering and sustainability. In India, GSH has proudly achieved ISO certificate 41001 for Sustainable Facilities Management Services. One of only a select group of companies in India to achieve this distinction!

GSH’s clients can rest assured that they are receiving services with a focus on safety, sustainability, and quality. This certification just adds to the many ISO certifications that GSH has: 9001, 14001, 45001, and 50001.

Congratulations to our dedicated Teams in India for achieving this impeccable standard!

GSH Team Demonstrates Always On!

Like the gears in a well-oiled machine, GSH team members depend on each other to complete a common objective. At GSH Group, Chief Engineer Charley Berthoud illustrates exactly what that means!

Charley and his team are just one of the many assets at GSH that make things run smoothly and efficiently. Be sure you choose a team that is Always On, choose GSH!

Turning Waste To Energy

The environment and sustainable engineering have been an ever-growing focus for companies around the world. At GSH, we partner with our clients to develop innovative solutions to improve energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint of the facilities we work with. Our work with an India-based food processor is a prime example, where GSH transformed organic waste created during food processing into a combustible fuel supplement to burn alongside coal. When burned with the coal, the supplement burned more efficiently, which reduced overall emissions and coal consumption, while utilizing refuse that otherwise would have been carted away from the processing plant.