Sustainability & Energy

Our Energy Team at GSH Group Employs an Integrated Whole-Building Systems Approach

We consider all energy impacts related to design and construction—energy, water, indoor environmental quality, and materials—ensuring greater benefits to the building owners and positioning companies at the forefront of sustainable solutions.


Energy Management

The GSH in-house energy department is composed of experienced professionals, including Certified Energy Managers, Professional Engineers, and LEED-certified sustainability consultants worldwide. Each department member has extensive knowledge and the experience to initiate or expand Green Building Programs and integrate Green Building Design and sustainability principles. As part of our holistic Always On™ approach to sustainability, the team also evaluates and provides guidance on achieving market recognition for sustainability investments. Additionally, this allows clients to earn LEED Energy STAR and Green Globes certification.

Our aim in adopting a structured framework to analyze, evaluate, and implement Green Building Energy Management strategies is to maximize the environmental and financial benefits of energy-efficient, sustainable building design, and operating practices. We assist in instituting cooperative and productive relationships between landlords and tenants and seek to address many non-technological barriers to increase energy efficiency. We accomplish this through split incentives, tenant behavior, and transparency as part of a complete building assessment.

Energy Star Portfolio Manager Experience

Our energy managers have more than fifteen years of knowledge and experience in assisting properties in benchmarking, energy consumption and collecting, and reporting the data via the Energy STAR portfolio management tool. Our teams of licensed professional engineers and certified energy managers have the qualifications to report data and audit site environments to reduce the overall cost of certification.


Project Design Cost and Usage

To drive energy efficiency and sustainability, evaluating a project from various aspects instead of focusing on initial costs is key to identifying and prioritizing them.

In support of this tactic, our team performs ASHRAE Level I, II, and III audits to conduct a detailed analysis of all equipment pertaining to heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, and building automation. These actions serve to identify and quantify conservation measures that include budget costs, estimated savings, and investment return.

Reporting and Recognition

All key performance metrics are reported internally and externally through our GSH Energy Dashboard and other reporting tools in compliance with existing energy legislation and reporting requirements.

The behavior of occupants has a significant impact on a building’s energy consumption. Our team helps clients develop sustainability programs that promote awareness and engagement from tenants to achieve the common goals of lowering energy costs, maximizing comfort, and reducing the overall carbon footprint.


Subject Matter Experts

GSH utilizes our Subject Matter Experts who are a major resource to the team. By sharing their insights and knowledge with our clients, they are able to deliver specialized advice and recommendations, innovative measures, and best practice processes.

Our subject matter experts specialize in various sub-sector facilities management fields, including:

  • Technical Maintenance Operations
  • Asset Lifecycle Maximization
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Building Automation Systems
  • Design & Construction
  • Datacenter Configuration
  • FM Procurement & Benchmarking Assessments

Our subject matter experts are highly qualified individuals and are based in our regional offices in all of our global locations, including our HQ in USA. Thanks to our Always On™ approach, subject matter experts are available to clients by audio and video conferencing to support troubleshooting issues and assess preliminary project requirements quickly. GSH’s experts can also be contracted on a consultancy basis to provide further expert services to clients who are not contracted with GSH but require their skills to be utilized. GSH can provide contracts based on specific works or services required or by a day rate fee structure.

Let’s Work Together

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