Integrated Facilities Management

Streamlined Operations for Seamless Facility Management

Even with our humble roots as an English blacksmithing business since 1895, GSH understood the evergreen importance of quality service and adaptability.


Now, with 129 years of experience, GSH powers the most demanding and diverse industries with a singular purpose: delivering absolute service excellence to our trusted partners. As Integrated Facilities Management providers, GSH offers a full scope of scalable services to accommodate clients of all shapes, scopes, and sizes. At the core of our services lies a unifying mission: seamless integration within client organizations.


GSH believes that facilities managers should work for and adapt to you. Whether it’s 24/7 on-demand HVAC maintenance support, subcontractor management, code compliance, or even OPEX and CAPEX budgeting/planning, GSH has the industry expertise and years of experience to consistently elevate your operations. Additionally, with numerous ISO accreditations, GSH adheres to strict, internationally recognized standards to ensure that your facilities receive the highest quality service possible.


Now, GSH is a globally recognized and trusted name with engineers and technicians providing services to a wide spectrum of locations like airports, transit stations, government buildings, commercial real estate properties, higher education facilities, and more across the United States – with offices in NJ, NY, CA, TX, MD, PA, and IL. Internationally, GSH provides quality services in UK, France, and India.


  • Account Leadership & Administration


    Our adept leadership oversees account management, ensuring streamlined administration, fostering robust client relationships, and aligning specific and tailored service delivery to meet specific client needs and objectives.


    They serve as the bridge between operational teams and clients, ensuring effective communication and impactful, scalable service provisions.

  • Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Compliance


    GSH develops and implements comprehensive Environmental, Health & Safety programs with a “Safety First” approach to meet its goals. We employ various tools including site-specific program development, weekly progress meetings, contractor program reviews, site safety appraisals, and more to safeguard your property, personnel, and assets.


    Utilizing an internal audit system (which includes standard annual audits), GSH collates reports and monthly accident returns that are reviewed and analyzed by our experts to fine-tune and implement process improvements for consistent upwards mobility.


    In fact, GSH’s efforts have led to the development of our web-based Safety Data Sheet program for ongoing efforts to monitor and constantly update SDS sheets to meet OSHA Hazard Communication (or HazCom) requirements.


    • Workplace Safety Training
    • Environmental, Health, and Safety Manuals
    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    • Compliance with OSHA, Federal, State, and Local Regulations/Requirements
    • Work Equipment Policies
    • Lockout/Tag Out Procedures
    • Signage
    • Auditing
    • Subcontractor’s Environmental Health and Safety
    • Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • Statutory and Building Code Compliance


    Our dedicated team ensures strict adherence to statutory regulations and building codes, guaranteeing constant compliance with rapidly-changing local and federal requirements and regulations.

  • ISO Accreditation Implementation & Enforcement


    Certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), GSH adheres to strict, internationally recognized standards to promote workplace safety, energy management best practices, environmentally conscious efforts, and IFM process improvements.


    In fact, GSH holds FIVE ISO accreditations, leveraging its diverse methodologies to offer comprehensive service delivery to meet changing client needs – because it’s not just about meeting expectations, but exceeding them.


    • ISO 9001 – Quality Management Systems
    • ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Systems
    • ISO41001 – Facility Management Systems (India)
    • ISO 45001 – Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems
    • ISO 50001 – Energy Management Systems
  • Procurement & Subcontractor/Vendor Management


    GSH’s robust in-house National Solutions procurement team is at the forefront of supply chain management, ensuring seamless operations and strategic sourcing. Creating innovative commercial strategies, the procurement team continually drives cost reductions and internal efficiencies, vital for supporting our operational approach, commercial bidding, and FM service delivery.


    Our procurement efforts extend beyond mere cost savings, emphasizing long-term partnerships with suppliers and subcontractors whose services align with our values and complement our offerings. Leveraging our extensive network of global, national, and local suppliers, we optimize purchasing power to benefit clients while adhering to all regulations and requirements through tailored procurement strategies.


    GSH actively promotes supplier diversity, partnering with a range of Woman-Owned Businesses (WBE), Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprises (MWBE), and Small Business Enterprises (SBE). By fostering inclusive relationships and providing mentorship opportunities, GSH supports the growth and success of subcontractors, contributing to a thriving and diverse supply chain ecosystem. Through strategic partnerships with organizations, we reinforce our dedication to meeting client supplier diversity goals, further enhancing the value we deliver.


    Through our collaboration with a diverse array of SBEs and DBEs, GSH offers a comprehensive suite of services, ranging from cleaning services and janitorial services to specialized solutions such as window cleaning, pest control services, facility maintenance, vertical transportation services, mechanical repairs, and more.

  • OPEX/CAPEX Budgeting and Planning


    GSH specializes in OPEX (operating expenses) and CAPEX (capital expenses) budgeting and planning, strategically allocating resources for efficient daily operations and long-term capital investments. This involved detailed financial analysis, forecasting, and optimization of spending to maximize returns and maintain facility functionality for years to come.


    Our planning involves meticulous assessment and strategizing for OPEX and CAPEX over various timelines. This includes short-term annual plans, mid-term 5-year projections, and long-term 10-year strategies. These plans align financial goals with facility requirements, ensuring sustainability and growth while considering evolving needs and market trends.

Find The Right Tools For The Job

GSH offers a broad range of services tailored to support diverse sectors and projects. With our dedicated teams driving cost efficiencies and strategic sourcing, we ensure seamless operations. Partnering with a variety of businesses and companies, we deliver high-quality solutions as comprehensive, scalable service matrices. Our commitment to innovation and inclusivity enables us to exceed expectations and deliver exceptional results across all projects. Want a more comprehensive list of available services tailored to meet your needs?

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