Don’t Let Your FM Spook You!

In the true spirit of the spooky season our New Jersey office celebrated Halloween with the hosting of a Potluck Lunch. A nice turnout and chance to eat and enjoy with coworkers and friends, thank you all for partaking and a happy and safe Halloween to all!

GSH Halloween 2023 Potluck Lunch

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2023 IFMA Golf Tournament

A big ‘Thank You’ to IFMA Orange County for having us at your golf tournament! We had a great time and were glad to have Thor Emblem and Monika Smutko out there proudly representing GSH Group.

2023 IFMA Golf Tournament collage

Looking forward to the next one!

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2023 IWFM Impact Awards

GSH Group together with the Cambridgeshire County Council are very proud to have been part of this year’s IWFM Impact Awards for 2023. The evening was a fantastic success and stands as a true testament to the hard work and dedication of our entire industry.

2023 IWFM Impact Awards collage

With great appreciation, we wish to thank the event organizers and hosts for a memorable event – and a heartfelt congratulations to the winners! For any questions about how GSH can help you with your FM needs contact us today.

GSH Helps San Francisco Fire Department

As facility engineers we fully support fire safety and the First Responders tasked with battling fires and keeping us out of harm’s way. One such example of this were the GSH teams in San Francisco, California, who sprang into action to assist the South San Francisco and Cal Fire crews after a five-acre brush fire broke out behind their building. By helping the fire crews connect their hoses to building valves for water and assisting with access to the back of the property, emergency equipment was able to reach the fire and contain the blaze.

GSH San Francisco Fire Department collage

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Happiest FM on Earth

“The Happiest Place on Earth” – or at least close enough to it! GSH’s own Thor Emblemand Monika Smutko stepped right into the heart of the ‘Magic Kingdom’ of networking at Expoland, a Disney-themed commercial real estate tradeshow. With their ears and gloves on, Mickey and Minnie Mouse manned the GSH Group booth, meeting friends old and new in attendance.

GSH Booth at Magic Kingdom

A big thank you to IFMA San Diego ChapterBOMA San DiegoIREM San Diego and SDBEA for having us and hosting such a successful and fun event! Need help with your FM Services contact us today.