GSH Group Introduces UAS Program Drones

PARSIPPANY, NJ – GSH Group, globally recognized Integrated Facilities Management provider, is advancing its operational capabilities through the implementation of drone technology. Recognizing the necessity for precise supervision and monitoring in large-scale projects and environments, GSH has introduced and integrated its in-house UAS (uncrewed aerial systems) program into its FM processes to enhance efficiency while prioritizing safety for personnel working in precarious environments and all associated assets.

In a recent operational demonstration, GSH utilized drone technology during an internal/external survey within a vast 2 million square foot facility in the UK serving as the logistics warehouse for a prominent luxury automotive manufacturer.  In preparation for this initiative, GSH purchased a state-of-the-art drone and ensured that a dedicated technician received comprehensive training in its proper usage. After obtaining local approval from the municipality, our technician identified a critical issue during the survey: a leakage from the main sprinkler manifold, posing a potential hazard to the integrity of the suspended baffle ceiling directly above an area where the client’s personnel operated.

The timely detection of this issue by the deployed drone technology averted potential risks, including the ceiling’s catastrophic failure and associated costs with repairs. Furthermore, this proactive intervention prevented the release of over 200,000 liters of sprinkler water, showcasing GSH’s commitment to risk management and predictive and preventative maintenance.

This strategic integration of drone technology underscores GSH’s dedication to optimizing its operations and delivering exceptional service quality to clients. With over 129 years of industry experience, GSH remains committed to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and innovation within the IFM field.

Established in 1895, GSH Group is a global provider for Integrated Facilities Management, Mechanical Maintenance, and more. Headquartered in Parsippany, NJ and with offices all over North America, Mainland Europe, and India, GSH Group caters towards a myriad of environments and needs. With a focus on Always On service and quality, our unique combination of corporate values, management dedication, and subject matter expertise will ensure delivery of quality, tailored and on-demand services.