At GSH Group we are champions of the environment. We also realize the significant impacts the economy has on the environment. And while the creation of waste and consumption of energy are inevitable facts of life, GSH understands that by not being part of the solution, we are only exacerbating the problem.


As Building Engineers and Energy Managers, we see vast potential in our industry to help stem energy consumption while reducing the carbon footprint and waste.

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GSH is committed to reducing our own internal emissions and assisting our clients to meet their carbon objectives. As members of the US Green Building Council and other environmental organizations, we believe in the development and promotion of best practices, policy, education, and advocacy that improves construction and maintenance of facilities to benefit the environment.


For instance, we have worked with many of our clients to reduce waste created in daily operations. With one particular client, we implemented an aluminum water bottle program resulting in a reduction of over 2,800 plastic water bottles each month.

As building engineers and facilities managers it is incumbent upon us to reduce the carbon footprint left by the operation and maintenance of facilities. To demonstrate our steadfast commitment to the environment, GSH has made the internal pledge to be carbon neutral by December 2023 and carbon negative by 2025. Since 2018, we have been actively measuring our company-wide emissions and having the results validated by third-party auditors. Each year, we have proudly made positive strides in reducing our company’s carbon footprint.

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At GSH, we utilize our world recognized ISO accreditations to ensure we are working to global standards with respect to the Environmental and Energy related best practices.


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Our approach to the facilities we maintain meets and exceeds the ISO14001 Environmental Management standard. This means our Quality Health Safety & Environmental (QHSE) leaders strive to ensure that the facilities management services we deliver conform to 14001 standard and the world’s best environmental practices.


A key element to meeting the 14001 Standard is the proper disposal of waste from our internal and client-organization sites. With established operations on multiple continents, following in-country regulations is a key element of maintaining the 14001 standard. Regardless of the country or continent, our aim is to reduce materials going into landfills by increasing re-use and recycling programs.


The GSH Energy department consists of experienced professionals including certified energy managers and sustainability subject matter experts, who have extensive knowledge and experience in working with client-organizations to monitor and reduce the consumption of energy and natural resources.


At GSH we utilize our ISO 50001 Energy Management system policies and procedures to ensure that the energy practices we implement are the most efficient and effective. Committed to reducing the carbon footprints of our own operations, and those of our clients, proactive energy management is a key component of our success.

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The GSH Global Energy Team focuses on:

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Monitoring energy performance of our internal and client-organizations’ operations with an emphasis on identifying energy reduction process improvements for implementation.

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Helping clients identify unique energy and natural resource conservation projects that can have long-term, year-over-year energy and natural resource savings benefits, such as installation of low-flow restroom fixtures.

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Promoting Renewable Energy initiatives such as wind, solar and biofuel that can be implemented into our client-organizations’ operations such as our recent biofuel projects in India (see the case study of our Global FM Gold Award below).

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Overseeing our internal and client-organizations’ push towards carbon neutrality/negativity and remaining vigilant in following through on our many energy and natural resource reduction schemas.


As a company, we host annual Energy Forums where we bring together key players from the facilities management and building engineering industries, including GSH subject matter experts, academic leadership, industry affiliates, our clients, and prospective clients. Together, we share our lessons learned and best practices, as we learn from each other ways to improve operations and maintenance to ensure that we are working in a positive direction to reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions.

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GSH Wins Gold Award of Excellence
from Global FM Trade Organization


    Apex India Foundation Awards GSH Group Green
    Leaf Gold Award of 2019 in Energy Efficiency