GSH Group Verified as Carbon Neutral

Leading global facilities management company, GSH Group, has achieved carbon neutrality for 2021. Following a full analysis of its carbon emissions between 2018 and 2021, its calculations and sustainability measures have been independently audited by Green Team Consulting which has confirmed that calculations were credible and structured, with proven methodology used. Emissions have been offset using accredited schemes to enable GSH Group to be carbon neutral for 2021 and to help address climate change now.
GSH Group voluntarily started measuring its carbon footprint in 2018 and found that almost 70% of its emissions came from its owned and controlled vehicle fleet. It has since introduced a new fleet management policy that covers procurement, sourcing vehicles with more fuel-efficient options, eliminating the requirement for vehicles at specific sites, reducing the size of vehicles to improve fuel efficiency, and introducing electric vehicles where possible. GSH’s efforts to date have resulted in a 28% reduction in emissions.

GSH Group has prioritized energy efficiency operations for more than a decade, taking a data driven approach to ensure it has a long-term positive impact. The company has underpinned its policy changes and sustainability drive with internal engagement activities, instituting quarterly carbon management working group meetings that include stakeholders from around the business. This, in combination with regular companywide communications updates, training for employees and working groups across the business’ global locations, is helping to identify opportunities for more sustainable day to day activities and practical initiatives (e.g., energy saving measures, uniform procurement, etc.) that mean everyone in the business can contribute to the company’s efforts.

CEO of the GSH Group, Mark Thomas comments: “The building industry is a huge draw on natural resources so there is a massive opportunity for us to reduce carbon emissions and utility consumption. It is incumbent upon us, as engineers, to deliver against sustainability goals on behalf of our clients and the wider world.

“The GSH Group team has worked incredibly hard to understand and mitigate the impacts our work has on the planet, and this is an important milestone. Achieving carbon neutrality is the first step for us and we are focused on driving further changes to see us on the road to being carbon negative in 2025 and net zero beyond that.”

Having already reduced its emissions by 28%, GSH Group is now looking to the next phase of its sustainability focus including how it can manage its use of electricity and energy in leased spaces, while extending improvements to its vehicle fleet.

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