Facilities Management: Working From Home

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Working from home can pose many challenges to Facilities Managers, but for those who can leverage the power of Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS), like IBM’s Maximo platform it doesn’t matter where you are working from: boiler room, board room, roadside or bedside.

Long-term proponents of Maximo, GSH has custom developed its own Maximo Mobile application (GSH ConnectTM) for the platform allowing both GSH employees and Client Users to access their building’s data from anywhere. The Maximo Dashboard allows each user access to real-time data to monitor the performance of each site and status of all workorders remotely, even by tablet and smartphone. This allows for full transparency of operations right down to the asset level. Through the capture of critical systems’ data, GSH Engineers can implement strategic Preventative, Corrective and Predictive Maintenance programs that save time, money and equipment to drive down overall operating costs.

Below is an example Maximo Dashboard illustrating Service Requests (SR) and Corrective Maintenance (CM) workorders based on status. As you can see data is organized by workorder status (in-process, awaiting PO, completed, etc.) and by classification of asset/system type (HVAC, custodial, fire safety, security, etc.).

CMMS platforms like IBM’s Maximo can truly revolutionize your operations when they are implemented and utilized by a company like GSH who has subject matter expertise and technical resources to rollout such a system.

To learn more about what we can do for you and your operations message me through LinkedIn or by email below. To watch the video on our GSH ConnectTM Mobile App: click here.