Training to Achieve Premier Facilities Management and Engineering Services

Jessica Marcantuono
November 4, 2022
1 minute

Training is an essential element to providing premier facilities management and engineering services. By working with manufacturer’s representatives like GS Dunham, to facilitate inhouse training programs for our teams of technicians, our personnel are instructed in how to install and optimize technical HVAC and boiler system components. This week, our technicians visited GS Dunham’s facilities in Queens, NY to train on variable vacuum systems hardware used in supplying heating and hot water to NYC’s public housing complexes. A special note of thanks to GS Dunham for making this a successful event!

GSH continues to evolve and adapt its maintenance and related training programs incorporating more efficient procedures to provide troubleshooting and repair services to our clients. This includes a series of inhouse training sessions and working groups throughout the year. Some of the topics we cover are pipe fitting, system tracing, basic thermodynamics, control valve maintenance/service, field feedback, Maximo utilization including mobile app and handheld devices training, and more.

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