Technical Operations

Building Engineering:

  • GSH, a leading Building Facilities Engineering Company, applies principles and technology to enhance buildings for our global clients. GSH maintains structures in offices, airports, data centers, and any other commercial buildings where engineering facilities management services are required.

Technical Operations:

  • Technical operations are at the core of what GSH does. This includes heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, mechanical services, plumbing services, electrical services, and maintenance planning. Interior and exterior maintenance falls under this category as well as water treatment services and supply.

GSH analyzes the equipment and selects the appropriate maintenance techniques including:

  • Predictive Testing and Inspection (PT&I) – Utilizing measuring tools, such as vibration analysis or infrared thermography, to predict failures
  • Condition Based – Used with an EMS; for example, a sensor detects when AHU filters are dirty
  • Statistical Based – Uses a database of Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) or Trend Analysis to anticipate failures
  • Time-Based – The maintenance solution typically recommended by the manufacturer (i.e. lubricate monthly) GSH offers improved quality of service, reporting, maximizes asset uptime and reduces cost and risk

NEWS: GSH Group Awarded the Gold Award of Excellence in FM 2020 by the Global FM Trade Organization

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