Integrated Facilities Management

Soft Services:

  • GSH provides soft services as needed to all customers which includes janitorial work such as carpenters, plumbers, electricians, painters, window cleaners, transportation services, landscapers, catering services, office cleaning, amenities, mail services, reprographics, and pest control services.

Access and Security:

  • GSH ensures secure management which is implemented by intruder detection systems. Every building that is under GSH management has a locksmith and key services where each door has a safety bolt. GSH has storage services, manned guarding, and foot patrol as well.

Project Management & Consultancy:

  • GSH will conduct space management and occupancy development in order to plan out the space before renovations and project work begin. The project management phase is the beginning to structure how the rest of the project work will be produced. GSH ensures the client is fully aware of the process and steps that will be taken to mobilize and begin the initial stages of the project. GSH follows all procedures and processes; daily duties and responsibilities are completed and monitored regularly.

Managed Services:

  • GSH’s managed services include key performance monitoring, oversight and procurement planning. There will always be a contract manager who will always oversee the operations. Another key aspect is keeping up with incident responsiveness and budgeting. GSH has a 24/7 global call center to support all client requests within 60 seconds without any prompts or call trees. The call center is responsible for receiving and logging calls, identifying the right skillset for the job request, and identifying and dispatching the appropriate staff member or subcontractor for the task. Our staff is also fluent in a spectrum of languages to provide local understanding and comfort to client users who do not speak English.

Supply Chain Management:

  • The supply chain management stages at GSH consist of the standard operating procedures that GSH follows in the startup of a contract. The procurement stages of the contract are very important at GSH, these include the benchmarking process and the organization of which vendors to use for which contract. GSH has a list of vendors that we rely on depending on the needs of a contract and that is how a vendor is chosen. Constant innovations are made as well under the supply chain management category.

NEWS: GSH Group Awarded the Gold Award of Excellence in FM 2020 by the Global FM Trade Organization

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