Security Measures for the Aviation Industry

GSH Group
October 18, 2018
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GSH’s experience with Airport Security

GSH has been serving the Aviation industry within the United States since 2012. Throughout the years, airport security regulations and laws are constantly changing which is critical to GSH. GSH must ensure that all our on-site personnel have the correct security badges and clearance before commencing any work.

During GSH’s on-boarding process, all employees need to go through a TSA security screening and must be approved prior to employment. GSH understands the importance of security in the aviation industry.

Joe Bellanca, Project Manager for GSH’s Aviation contract mentions, “airline growth, fostered by strong economic growth and travel, has led to the need for increased expansion of airport security screening checkpoints, baggage screening rooms, and security/screening personnel. With the passage of time since the TSA was formed, the quality and experience of screening agents has greatly improved leading to better recognition of threats and faster processing of passengers. The increase in traffic and equipment means airports must grow to meet the need.”

Bellanca explained, “as airports expand, GSH remains a key facility partner assisting with infrastructure expansion guidance, re-purposing of existing facility space, and the integration of new construction to existing systems to optimize the building environment for efficient operation without impacting the customer.”

TSA & Airport Security

After September 11, 2001, the government and citizens of the U.S. have been taking the necessary precautions about airplanes and airport security. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) had to step up its game to protect those within the airports and vamp up their screening of those getting onto the aircraft.

Up until now, the typical security measures include separating electronics, limiting liquids, gels, and aerosols to three ounces and placing them in a clear plastic bag, and removing your hat, jacket, shoes, and belts.

The TSA is now using multi-layer security pre-checks to make sure whoever is trying to get onto a plane, is not a threat to the people around them. They are currently performing ‘enhanced’ passenger screening, ‘heightened’ screening of personal electronic devices, and increased ‘security protocols’ around aircraft and in passenger areas,” according to

New Technologies in the Making

The New York Times reported on two new technologies being tested at various airports across the country to truly enhance airport security measures. The Computed Tomography ID Bag Screening is being tested at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and Logan International Airport in Boston. The Biometric Fingerprint ID is being tested at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and Denver International Airport.

The hope is that the new technology will eliminate the threat of terror attacks and put the traveler’s mind at ease when flying across the country. The screenings and checkpoints may feel a little invasive but the more information the TSA can collect about the passengers, the less tragedies will be told.

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