How Corporate Buildings are Getting Smarter with Technology

GSH Group
December 19, 2018
3 minutes

Have you ever wondered where we would be without the technology we have today?

Technology plays a vital role in constantly staying current on trends and creating a productive workspace. GSH relies on technology in order to be productive and manage daily routines. At GSH our goal is for our technicians and clients to regularly use the resources GSH provides in order to complete tasks more easily and efficiently. Staying innovative on upcoming trends is imperative so that we can use the tools that are given to us and use them to their full potential to benefit GSH. More specifically, corporate buildings are becoming “smarter” as technology continues to advance, which in return will allow companies to become more innovative.

Corporate buildings are using more sophisticated and optimized HVAC systems such as water flows, pump speeds, and fan speeds. At GSH, this is already being provided to our clients. Instead of manually controlling a building, you can use the technology that is given to more accurately control and maintain building temperatures. These new HVAC systems will know the best time of day to cool, heat, and ventilate a building which will save gallons of water each year. The smarter the building, the greater the benefits for the client, and the company providing the services.

The biggest advancement that all facilities management companies will plan to focus on is space utilization and bio-metrics. By implementing space utilization and bio-metrics, will use less electricity. According to Forbes, there will be sensors that will be able to track and control the amount of lighting and space you need to use within a building, so that way you are not wasting unnecessary space. This directly affects employees because it can also change air temperature in office buildings that will reduce stress levels. By reducing stress levels, you are creating a more welcoming and comfortable environment to work in and be a part of. In addition, motion sensors will continue to be used to allow building managers to recognize how much square footage they can work with, which seems to be the biggest challenge within the industry. All these advancements are on track to becoming “smarter” in the future within corporate buildings.

Lastly, wireless technologies are allowing all employees to have access to the company’s computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) dashboard from wherever they may be. This allows for work to get done in a timely and efficient manner. GSH has implemented the latest update across Android and IOS platforms to remain compatible with today’s smart phone and tablet hardware, this is now fully integrated with our CMMS.

Not only does this upgrade eliminate over 100,000 pieces of paper per year; it has the added value of improving our operations by providing real-time performance updates. Digitizing in depth details, capturing photos, videos, and audio files allowing the collation of accurate and up to date information which can be reviewed remotely and support the analysis of real time condition reviews.

The app also allows for contract managers to review work and performance more effectively at any given site. Work can be quoted and approved through delegated authority purchase orders and invoices can be authorized all within a press of a button.

GSH’s innovative technology is implemented at all client facilities worldwide!

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