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GSH is rapidly growing and with this comes the need of a digital Facility and Asset Management tool! GSH Connect Maximo Mobile applications are important because they are environmentally friendly and all of the information is stored in one place. GSH Connect is the new way to stay in touch with clients on a daily basis. The technicians can view time sheets, purchase requests, work log summaries, and sign off on their work as well. The application is an excellent way to track tasks throughout the day. The app has unique abilities that make life a lot easier such as recording work performed and taking a photograph of the work as well all with a touch of your fingertips!

A Day in the Life of a Technician:


GSH’s dedicated technicians at Baltimore Washington International Airport and Biomedical Research Center in Baltimore, Maryland go through their daily routines to give an overview of what a typical day consists of on-site. Between indoor and outdoor operations teamwork plays a huge role in executing daily tasks.



Episode 1: What’s Going On Overseas?

Joel Caubet, GSH’s European Contract Manager, speaks about how GSH runs our international sites.

GSH’s Locations:


GSH is a global FM company with locations in GSH EMEA, GSH Asia-PAC, and GSH Americas. GSH Americas has offices in New York, Florida, California, and a headquarters in New Jersey. At GSH we strive to continue to deliver quality service to our clients. Our team delivers solutions at a high value while maintaining cost savings.

Infographic Video:


GSH Group provides services that are unsurpassed in quality, value, and satisfaction.

The Benefits of Working with GSH Group:


At GSH Group, we take pride in our family values and culture. We set the highest standards for teamwork, leadership, respect, and responsibility throughout every department and every job role. Discover the endless opportunities of working with GSH Group, as told by some of GSH’s employees at Bayonne and NJ Transit sites.

Corporate Video:


GSH Group was established in 1895 and has been operating for over 123 years by George Scarr-Hall. The grandfather of the current major shareholder, Ian Scarr-Hall, has a long standing history within the company. Today, GSH is still a family owned business and is now operating globally. GSH’s promise to our client is to stay Always On and continue to make major improvements and innovations for years to come.

Testimonial Video:


GSH Group is committed to providing our employees with a comfortable, safe, and a family-oriented environment. GSH Group continues to grow each and every day around the world. GSH’s employees dedication is the key to our success.


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