Why GSH Global

GSH Global continues to provide innovation with an extensive and integrated services, which can be packaged into a service delivery model tailored to specific client needs. This approach eliminates the inefficiencies of a traditional generic total facility management model. With services and programs specifically designed to each client’s needs they are able to realize the advantages of our technical expertise along with lean cost and global coverage.

Integrated Facilities Management

Supporting our Always On™ service and responsiveness is a combination of in-house technical expertise and outsourcing partners who support individual client objectives by aligning them with local legislative requirements and service needs. The flexibility within the model offers innovative methods focusing on efficient service delivery and finance; reducing cost from many aspects including:

  • Consolidated invoicing which supports a reduction in administration and overhead cost
  • Procurement expertise to ensure an efficient and streamlined supply chain
  • Cash-flow optimization and/or taxation savings
  • Utilization of client systems to ensure as much data as possible remains in the client’s domain
  • Linking GSH internal systems and outsourced partner systems to provide ‘end-to-end’ services

Combining cultural values with global standards allows for a worldwide company standard to be established and maintained. To ensure its implementation and continuity, we rigorously overlay local requirements with a global standard and infuse a generic compliance structure, where in-country data can be rolled up into global summary reporting.


DESIGN2DE-Commission Process

We offer clients access to the GSH Construction, Design & Project Management teams throughout the transition period. This comprehensive service-based approach allows further technical, design and project management expertise to be brought to the current on-site team for the most effective and efficient solutions.

Project Management and Building Transitions

We work diligently within a proven methodology to ensure a seamless, positive and motivating environment for the employees affected by a transition project. Our change management team has a proven track record for successful roll out of change within highly complex and difficult environments.

We fully understand the delicate impact that change has on the culture of a company and are committed to ensuring that the overall process generates a positive outlook for those employees impacted by the change.

A Complete Range of Subject Matter Experts (SME)

Our rapidly growing team of SME’s provide seamless support throughout the region to all GSH employees and customers.

Each of our SME’s are focused to deliver innovative measures within facilities management.  Our consultants are highly qualified specialists and are available to troubleshoot technical issues as well as provide a variety of assessments, projects and consultancy services for areas including engineering, energy, quality and procurement.  Our SME’s have fluency on other technical subjects, which enhances the quality of service that we provide.

Health & Well Being Services

There are many opportunities and methods to promote a healthy lifestyle at work. By doing so benefits clients in so many ways and enables employees to take advantage of services that support a healthy lifestyle. Many employers are now implementing onsite services based on the thinking of organizational psychologists who believe that a positive, comfortable and healthy environment improves work rate, productivity and satisfaction. GSH Global can provide a wide range of health and wellbeing services which suit all ranges of client budgets, facilities and mentalities.

Promoting multiple employee services on-site not only reduces the need for employees to exit the workplace during breaks but also increases the amount of time they spend at the office. In addition, by providing health, fitness and fun resources can lead to a reduction in healthcare expenditure and absenteeism while increasing labor retention rates.

We can liaise with your Human Resources, Marketing and other internal stakeholders to create routine wellness activities for your employees including:


  • Yoga/Pilates/Meditation sessions
  • Wellness Challenges – competitive and team sports such as 5k runs and circuit training
  • Stretch Breaks


  • Medical assessments and advice surgeries for different medical issues/seasonal viruses, usually known as a ‘Health Fair’ where you can ask the experts
  • Clinic sessions for seasonal allergies including flu and hay fever, infection control awareness, blood drives
  • First Aid Training
  • Stress Buster Sessions – Massage therapists, sleep pod trials, stress relief awareness activities

Local Community

  • Local business support pop-ups – such as a coffee stand, food samples, mortgage and financial advice sessions
  • Local charity support pop-ups – such as puppy rescue shelters where they bring puppies in for staff to hold and fuss (a surprising morning motivator in corporate companies)


  • Intercompany competitions – previous successes include departmental go-kart races, tallest paper tower tournaments and office Olympic sports
  • Walking Meetings – the new behavioral change in corporate environments, take your meeting outside and walk around in the fresh air

Catering Events

  • Liaise with the on-site caterer to hold healthy week specials and free samples of nutritional food

NEWS: GSH Group Awarded the Gold Award of Excellence in FM 2020 by the Global FM Trade Organization

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