GSH Global Source

Optimizing Procurement Through GlobalSource

Our GlobalSource Procurement Department has expanded and transformed into a modernized global supply chain system. Through the implementation of key systems, the department operates a global supply chain, which consists of subcontractors and vendors who are categorized as prime partners, preferred or proprietary suppliers globally, nationally, regionally or on ad-hoc basis.

In support of its benefits and advantages to our clients, we have invested in key global, national and regional procurement strategies to ensure local country requirements can be met accurately and lawfully.

GlobalSource has six main success criteria. Each subcontractor is evaluated and required to demonstrate their commitment and support for delivering these six factors before being authorized as a GlobalSource supply chain partner:

  • Knowledge & expertise
  • Service & Competence
  • Best-Fit & Relevant to Needs
  • Support & Reliability
  • Vision, Creativity & Innovation
  • Added Value & Cost Reductions

Procurement is a dominant skillset for an integrated facilities management provider no matter where client buildings are located. Creating a strong subcontractor network, effective contracts and back-to-back client terms for all relevant buildings allows a seamless mobilization and sets standards throughout the term of the contract.

The GlobalSource process is constructed of seven steps, which enables us to plan, source and manage each subcontractor effectively. We apply the 7-step process to engage our proposed subcontractors and then repeat the process during RFQ, analysis, negotiation, mobilization, and contract award and contract renewal stages.


In addition to GlobalSource acting as a procurement system for GSH contracted services, it also functions as a commercial system allowing clients with smaller building portfolios to receive remote facilities management services.

GlobalSource allows multiple small building portfolios to receive a supply chain managed service provision through GSH Global acting as the single source provider. This system virtually eliminates the need for on-site facilities management employees. It enables on-site client employees to avoid the time and trouble of managing a long list of local subcontractors placing one call to a single provider.

Subcontractor Management

Our Procurement Department focuses on creating long-term strategic and sustainable relationships with global partners and prime suppliers. It also implements efficiencies across internal process and policies to support a global expansion. Partnering with global, national and local suppliers allows clients to benefit from our buying power whether they purchase directly or through GSH.

Procurement is an integral support function of our on-site contract management teams and consistently enables these actions and activities:

  • Deliver significant financial savings
  • Proactively monitor business spend
  • Develop robust process efficiencies
  • Identify potential business risks and develop plans for mitigation
  • Monitor supplier performance
  • Continually negotiate with potential prime suppliers
  • Create beneficial preferred supplier agreements
  • Recommend future beneficial initiatives
  • Implement local and continental procurement strategies
  • Ensure competitive submission of commercial bids
  • Analyze market, industry and economic trends

NEWS: GSH Group Awarded the Gold Award of Excellence in FM 2020 by the Global FM Trade Organization

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