Why GSH Americas

A Team That’s Always Prepared and Always On™

At GSH Americas, our people are dedicated to providing the highest quality and most responsive customer service. We take pride in the caliber of our workforce and continually invest in their education and training to further their abilities, skill sets, and licensing.

All staff members are required to comply with the rules of their professional bodies, including obtaining annual continuing professional development credits. Our technical staff is required to maintain their current licensing and credentials at all times.


Services Driven by Leading-Edge Technology Systems

With an Always On™ mindset guiding our strategies and solutions, we continue to implement systems, assets and processes to continuously improve and expand services to the GSH client base.

Our innovation and leading-edge thinking are the keys to successfully compete in today’s marketplace and to offer clients greater efficiencies, value and cost savings.

Our Highly Customizable Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

The foundation of our facility management technology is our CMMS, which is tailored to meet the needs of each contract.

The following modules are available through our CMMS:

  • Asset management
  • Condition monitoring
  • Document storage
  • Inventory management
  • Mobile solutions
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Reports
  • Work orders
  • Work scheduling

Our Handheld Devices Delivered Real-Time Data

Our GSH Americas staff is equipped with mobile monitoring devices to monitor and report the status of equipment in the field.

With this minute-by-minute analysis capability, administrative delays are eliminated, ensuring that our systems are fully operational and up to date.

Moving Ahead in Advanced Energy Solutions

Our GSH Americas in-house energy department features experienced professionals including Certified Energy Managers, professional Engineers and LEED certified professionals by United State Green Building Council.

Their extensive knowledge and experience is put to considerable advantage for our clients who benefit from Green building design, programs and sustainability principles.

Our integrated whole-building systems approach considers all energy impacts related to design and construction (energy, water, indoor environmental quality, and materials) ensuring greater benefits to the building owner.

A Complete Range of Subject Matter Experts (SME)

Our rapidly growing team of SME’s provide seamless support throughout the region to all GSH employees and customers.

Each of our SME’s are focused to deliver innovative measures within facilities management.  Our consultants are highly qualified specialists and are available to troubleshoot technical issues as well as provide a variety of assessments, projects and consultancy services for areas including engineering, energy, quality and procurement.  Our SME’s have fluency on other technical subjects, which enhances the quality of service that we provide.

Comprehensive Quality Control Program

True to our Always On™ philosophy, GSH goes above and beyond our contractual requirements to deliver improvements and innovations. Our quality control program is inclusive of continuous improvement, seeking to improve the environment while reducing energy consumption.

Our quality control program includes benchmarking, assigning accountability, well-defined site systems and procedures, inspections, audits and continuous improvement cycles. We continually strive to enhance environmental performance in every service we deliver, reducing potential harmful impact to the environment whenever possible.

A Safety First Policy

Our focus is Always On™ the identification and control of hazards, elimination of injuries and illnesses, and avoidance of damage to equipment and property.

We are committed to ensuring the safety of our employees and all of our services provided to our clients. In achieving our goal of a safe workplace, we have developed and implemented a comprehensive safety program which refers to the OSHA standards.

All employees are required to go through this safety program before commencing any contract. Individuals receive safety refresher training at regular intervals throughout the year to ensure that they are kept current with all safety laws and regulations.

NEWS: GSH Group Awarded the Gold Award of Excellence in FM 2020 by the Global FM Trade Organization

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