How Reducing Your Carbon Footprint Can Save Your Organisation Money

What if you could help mitigate climate change, while saving money for your business? Think about your organisation: How do your staff travel to work? Do you always turn the lights off when they’re not required? What temperature is the thermostat set? How much waste is produced and how is it managed?

These, and many other factors, all contribute to the carbon footprint of an organisation. To find out more, and how GSH can help you to save your organisation money, read on…
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Office Temperatures Are a Constant Battle!

Does your office sometimes struggle to find a temperature that suits all of your employees?

Climate control inside a building has been a constant battle for tenants no matter the type of facility, location, industry, etc. We often find that it is either too cold or too hot, which makes it uncomfortable for our employees to fulfill their day to day responsibilities, in a comfortable environment. This is an on-going issue that most office environments experience.

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How Corporate Buildings are Getting Smarter with Technology

Have you ever wondered where we would be without the technology we have today?

Technology plays a vital role in constantly staying current on trends and creating a productive work space. GSH relies on technology in order to be productive and manage daily routines. At GSH our goal is for our technicians and clients to regularly use the resources GSH provides in order to complete tasks more easily and efficiently. Staying innovative on upcoming trends is imperative so that we can use the tools that are given to us and use them to their full potential to benefit GSH. More specifically, corporate buildings are becoming “smarter” as technology continues to advance, which in return will allow companies to become more innovative.

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Security Measures for the Aviation Industry

GSH’s experience with Airport Security

GSH has been serving the Aviation industry within the United States since 2012. Throughout the years, airport security regulations and laws are constantly changing which is critical to GSH. GSH must ensure that all our on-site personnel have the correct security badges and clearance before commencing any work.

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GSH’s Fleet Evolves Through the Years

GSH Group, a global integrated facilities management company, has seen significant growth and change throughout the years. Established in the United States in 1996, GSH started the Route Service division which included the launch of GSH’s fleet. GSH’s Route Service division began with a small team of technicians in vans servicing the NY Metropolitan Area. Then with a contract win in 2007 in the Baltimore, Maryland area, GSH’s vans expanded to the Baltimore Washington International Airport. Alongside commercial airplanes, the vans can be found driving around the airport. The vans are fully equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment to provide GSH’s clients with general contract support and on-demand and emergency services support across the country.

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GSH Academy

Interview with Mischa Turner

In September 2017, GSH welcomed Mischa Turner to the GSH Academy. The GSH Academy has a partnership with local colleges and training institutions that offer the courses necessary to qualify the candidates to take on high level maintenance and building engineering positions.

The GSH Academy will cover several different disciplines including Electrical, HVAC/Refrigeration, Boilers, Motor Controls, Pneumatic Controls, Building Management Systems, Safety, Communications and Customer Service.

Joe Annino, GSH’s Regional Operations Manager states, “There has been an overwhelming amount of interest in the GSH Academy since its start in July 2017. The academy is striving to solve the problem of an aging workforce by investing in our employees that have the shown commitment to become high performing building engineers.” We believe that our Academy will be an industry “Game-Changer.”

Mischa has successfully completed his first semester and is currently in his second semester of the four-year program. Joe Annino sat down with Mischa for an interview.

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Health and Safety: USA

GSH has a Safety-First Policy for all our clients. GSH’s focus is Always On™ the identification and control of hazards, elimination of injuries and illnesses, and avoidance of damage to equipment and property. All employees receive the necessary health and safety training to perform their responsibilities. Management has OSHA 30 and on-site staff has OSHA 10. GSH adheres to all OSHA regulations and state laws for every contract.

Staying informed and learning about new health and safety regulations and dangers are important for all employees and clients.
Here is what is new!

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