Established In 1895 By George Scarr-Hall

GSH Group was founded in 1895 by George Scarr-Hall, the grandfather of the current major shareholder, Ian Scarr-Hall and has a long-standing history. GSH began as a small engineering business based in Stoke-on-Trent, England. It thrived during the first half of the century, surviving two World Wars and dramatic changes in the economy.

GSH became known throughout the United Kingdom for its high-quality facilities maintenance services, and expanded to countries across Europe. We now offer clients global experience with the expertise of over 120 years in the facilities management industry.

U.S. Presence Since 1996

GSH began delivering services in the United States in 1996, and quickly developed a strong reputation with steady growth in the mechanical maintenance and energy management fields. GSH, a leading facility management company, has expanded its U.S. operations through the years, and is able to serve customers located throughout the country. GSH’s global headquarters are located in Northern New Jersey with regional offices in California, Florida, Maryland, and New York.

GSH Establishes India Office In 2012

In 2012, GSH expanded into India with offices in New Delhi, and our ASIA-PAC headquarters in Chennai. GSH Group in India began by delivering services to the manufacturing industry, shortly followed by the award of a contract to serve a customer’s nationwide commercial buildings. GSH delivers services to many market sectors across ASIA-PAC.


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NEWS: GSH Group Awarded the Gold Award of Excellence in FM 2020 by the Global FM Trade Organization

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