GSH to be Carbon Negative by 2025

In our 125th year, Group Chair, Rachael Scarr- Hall, pledges that GSH will be carbon negative in 2025.

Yesterday, at GSH’s third Annual Sustainable Energy Forum, held in Chennai, India, Chair of GSH Group, Rachael Scarr-Hall, announced that GSH will be carbon neutral in 2023 and carbon negative in 2025.

Carbon Dioxide accounts for two-thirds of Greenhouse Gases around the world, primarily through the burning of fossil fuels to provide electric power to homes and businesses. It is now an indisputable fact that the average global temperature directly correlates to the concentration of Greenhouse Gases in the atmosphere. If corrective action is not taken, and levels of Carbon Dioxide continue to rise at the current rate there will be an expected global temperature increase of 1.5-degrees Celsius in coming years. With an overwhelming amount of the world’s populations living along its coastlines and the polar icecaps continuing to melt future disasters are a credible threat.

GSH Group Chair of the Board, Rachael Scarr-Hall, asserts “Ambitious targets are vital to reduce GHGemissions and help mitigate the effects of climate change. Pledging to become Carbon Negative by 2025,we will be so proactive in our environmental stewardship that GSH’s actions will begin to tangibly reduce the carbon footprint. It is our expectation to work with our clients to develop and implement similar strategies across their portfolios and further reduce the impacts facilities-specifically have on the environment”.

About GSH Group:

GSH Group is a global provider of Integrated Facilities Management headquartered in Parsippany, NJ,USA. Originally founded in the UK in 1895, the company has since expanded to the Americas in 1996 and India in 2012; today the company is 5,000+ employees strong with operations on three continents. GSH possesses deep and diverse skill sets in facilities management allowing us to deliver solutions to large, multi-faceted sites across the globe.

GSH works with clients and facilities in a host of markets, including Healthcare, Laboratory Research, Aviation, Transportation, Shipping & Logistics, Data Centres, Hospitality, Local/State/Federal Governments and the Commercial Real Estate Industry.