Office Temperatures Are a Constant Battle!

Does your office sometimes struggle to find a temperature that suits all of your employees?

Climate control inside a building has been a constant battle for tenants no matter the type of facility, location, industry, etc. We often find that it is either too cold or too hot, which makes it uncomfortable for our employees to fulfill their day to day responsibilities, in a comfortable environment. This is an on-going issue that most office environments experience.

According to Business News Daily, men prefer their workplace environment to be 72 degrees while women prefer 77 degrees. It also does not help that men wear suits resulting in them being warmer which has been the standard since the early days. The OSHA technical manual recommends that employers maintain their workspace between 68-76 degrees temperature. However, that does not mean that Property Managers, Facilities Managers, Building Owners, etc. follow that regulation or even know about it. This is a good point tenants can bring to their attention when they are complaining about the building temperature. An estimated 3 to 5 employees go up to the thermostat every day and change the temperature out of discomfort. It is advised that employers should install dummy thermostats to decrease office arguments.

According to Popular Science, training your body to adapt to different temperatures will force your body to deal with the cold or the heat a little bit more, but that may include walking outside without a coat on in 40-degree weather. One reason an office may always seem cold is because their air conditioner unit may be oversized. Oversized cooling systems have the ability to cool a larger space at a particular time. A lot of companies think this is a good idea until temperatures outside start decreasing at a fast pace and employees are freezing inside of the office space. Another reason an office might seem cold is because there may be a draft coming through the window, as a result the office will be chilly. Also, if an office space has miscalculated how many people are in the room, the HVAC can become unregulated as well because it was not properly set to begin with.

At GSH one of the first tasks that is done when starting a new contract is to perform a deficiency report. On the deficiency report, GSH reports all equipment that is old and torn, not the correct piece for that building, over its warranty, efficiency, life of the equipment, as well as other things. Once this report is complete, the client and GSH will review it in detail and make the necessary changes. In addition to deficiency reports, GSH can perform an energy audit which provides clients with energy savings options.

There are many solutions that will help with the comfort level of your employees in the office. GSH can provide innovative technologies that are also cost efficient.  Interested in learning more on how GSH can help your facility with climate control? Contact us today to speak to one of our specialists to set up a meeting!