GSH Academy

Interview with Mischa Turner

In September 2017, GSH welcomed Mischa Turner to the GSH Academy. The GSH Academy has a partnership with local colleges and training institutions that offer the courses necessary to qualify the candidates to take on high level maintenance and building engineering positions.

The GSH Academy will cover several different disciplines including Electrical, HVAC/Refrigeration, Boilers, Motor Controls, Pneumatic Controls, Building Management Systems, Safety, Communications and Customer Service.

Joe Annino, GSH’s Regional Operations Manager states, “There has been an overwhelming amount of interest in the GSH Academy since its start in July 2017. The academy is striving to solve the problem of an aging workforce by investing in our employees that have the shown commitment to become high performing building engineers.” We believe that our Academy will be an industry “Game-Changer.”

Mischa has successfully completed his first semester and is currently in his second semester of the four-year program. Joe Annino sat down with Mischa for an interview.


Why did you choose to apply to GSH Academy?


I want to become a Chief Engineer. For me, this is a career, not just a job.


Tell me about the course work. In what ways is it relevant to your work?


I have taken Basic Refrigeration, Electrical, and Blueprint reading. All the course work I have done so far has been applied every day on the job. It has helped me to communicate more effectively with vendors and other engineers, as well as allowing me to communicate about problems in the buildings.


What has been your favorite part of the program? What challenges have you faced so far?


My favorite part so far was learning the sequence of operations of the refrigeration cycle. I can identify things in the building like the evaporator, condenser, etc.
The most challenging part has been working an 8-hour shift and then going to school three days a week, which makes for long days.


Have you been able to improve your skills?


Yes, definitely! Being that I work in the building alone, I have been able to take on many more things than I expected, and I am more confident in my abilities. The course work has also helped me become savvier with the sequence of operations.


What skills do you want to gain from this experience?


I want to gain technical skills to work on boilers, troubleshooting HVAC, and be able to service all things within the building. I also want to be able to do projects such as moving VAV boxes and other related projects.


What are your goals over the next four years? How will you strive to achieve them?


Over the next 4 years, I want to take in as much information as possible and gain the skills to become a Journeyman Engineer. I want to obtain the necessary certifications and be able to work in any kind of building. Over the next 10 years, my goal is to become an Assistant Chief or Chief Engineer.

GSH looks forward to watching Mischa’s skills and knowledge grow within the industry, as well as future GSH Academy students!
GSH will be accepting applicants throughout the year and selecting three for the program in July. To be considered, students will need to complete an admission application. Requirements include a GED, high school diploma, or equivalent.

To learn more about the GSH Academy, please contact us today!