Top 5 Industries Served in the United States

GSH is Always On™ delivering value through innovative services and solutions to a broad range of industries and business sectors. The top five industries served in the United States are –

  • Government
  • Data Centers
  • Aviation/Transportation
  • Corporate Real Estate
  • Biopharmaceuticals
  • GSH successfully maintains contracts in these industries.


  • GSH supports local, state, and federal government facilities. These locations often require 24/7 coverage which is coordinated and provided by combining GSH systems and GSH engineers.
  • Preventative maintenance and repairs are recorded, analyzed, monitored and reported through GSH’s computerized maintenance management system, which is easily accessible to our clients through customized online portals.
  • Data Centers:

  • Data center management programs are of the most critical in the facilities management industry. GSH maintains these buildings by performing industry specific services including HVAC and air handler maintenance to ensure appropriate climate control and business continuity.
  • GSH conducts expert building energy audits including 3D modelling and scenario programming to assist clients in determining which energy conservation measures to implement and utilize.
  • GSH has assisted its clients in achieving LEED Gold certifications at multiple sites across the United States.
  • Aviation/Transportation

  • GSH partners with multiple aviation administrations and transportation departments to maintain airports, bridges and tunnels to ensure smooth operations in the air, over water and on the ground.
  • GSH provides 24/7 labor, equipment, materials, supervision, supplies and tools required to perform operations, corrective repair, replacement, preventative, routine and emergency maintenance, and commissioning of all existing and new equipment and systems to ensure a continuous working environment. 
  • Corporate Real Estate

  • GSH employs both dedicated on-site and mobile teams to Class A corporate real estate across the United States. This industry typically finds a modernized approach for providing health and wellbeing services so the GSH integrated facilities management scalable model ensures that employees can operate in a safe, comfortable and happy workplace.
  • GSH has assisted its clients in winning many awards including Outstanding Building of the Year (TOBY) through BOMA
  • Biopharmaceuticals

  • GSH understands the importance of a biopharmaceutical environment and its requirements. Most facilities contain laboratories and offices that require extensive maintenance along with expert cleaning services to ensure that critical areas are maintained to the highest standards.
  • GSH currently holds a 20-year contract with the National Institute of Health, which entails full integrated facilities management.
  • GSH dedicates a management and administrative team, stationary engineers, construction staff, electricians, plumbers and on-site dedicated subcontractors to perform complete facilities management services 24/7.
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